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Are you composting your carrot tops? Tossing those potato skins? Landfilling lemon peels??

Hold your horseradish! Before discarding food scraps, try giving them a new life. We habitually throw out broccoli stalks, onion skins, and all kinds of “unwanted” produce biproducts, but these ingredients can be used to make delicious recipes all their own! Check out the resources below to become inspired by your scraps and reduce your food waste:

  • In PlantYou’s Scrappy Cooking section, chef Carleigh publishes recipes to turn your would-be food scraps into delicious snacks and ingredients. Follow PlantYou on Instagram as well for even more content, recipes, and “scrappy cooking” ideas!
  • Jenné Claiborne’s blog & cookbook Sweet Potato Soul is another amazing hub for plant-based cooking. But she also has some great tips for repurposing your food scraps in this Food Scrap Recipes video!
  • Shelby (@shelbizleee) and Kathryn ( are two more viral content creators who post loads of tips, tricks, and inspiration to help you in your sustainability journey. Check out this YouTube video from Shelby featuring both her own and Kathryn’s tips to repurpose food scraps for everything they’ve got!

Have your own Super Scraps Recipe?

Send them our way! We’ll feature your recipe in our newsletter so your ideas can help other people take strides to reduce their food waste! Remember: we’re all in this together 🫶

Pledge to Reduce your Food Waste

Ever think, “how can I make a difference for our climate?”

The most impactful solution is also the least expensive: commit to engaging in the #1 climate solution by taking the Carbon CREW Food Waste Pledge. You’ll save money, eat healthier, and benefit our planet with this one action, so click the button below and pledge to reduce your food waste! Maximize your impact by sharing the pledge with five of your friends 😎