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Are you hoarding cans of beans and tomato sauce from 2006?

It’s time to break those suckers out and USE THEM! (Unless they’re expired, of course. In that case, do yourself a favor and throw it away now before it starts growing something.)

While it’s customary to purchase ingredients for your mealtime cravings, this practice often results in more food pushed to the forgotten-about back of your shelves. This food is eventually wasted, contributing to the 32% of food waste occurring at the household level.

This one’s a twofer: not only are you decreasing demand on the food system by using what you’ve got, but by cleaning up your pantry, fridge, and freezer, you can clearly see what’s in there. No more sacrificing sauces, syrups, and leftovers to the hands of time! If you can see the food in front of you, there’s a much lower chance of it going bad.

Need some pantry shopping tips?

Head over to your virtual friend ChatGPT, type in the ingredients you have on hand and ask for recipes you can make with those ingredients. For example:

“What recipes can I make with chickpeas, tomato sauce, and spinach?”

It’ll pop out several different recipe ideas, including a full list of ingredients for the recipe and specific cooking instructions. You may still need to buy an ingredient at the store, but steadily decreasing the size of your pantry will have a HUGE impact on your food waste!

Pledge to Reduce your Food Waste

The air and sky were unsettling last week in the northeast. While there are many climate solutions people, policy, and industry must make to reverse global warming and prevent extreme wildfires and weather events, reducing food waste is the number one climate solution. Even better—your food waste is entirely in your control.

You become part of the solution when you take the Carbon CREW Food Waste Pledge and commit to reducing your food waste. Click the button below, and spread the word to increase your positive impact on our planet 🌎