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Perfectly portioned leftover meals are oh-so convenient for lunches, or even another night’s easy dinner. Unfortunately, leftovers don’t always work that way, and we’re often left with mismatch items that can’t hold their own as a meal or snack.

Maybe you made tacos last night, but all that’s leftover is some chopped tomatoes. Why not throw them in some scrambled eggs or an omelet for breakfast?

Is rice your lone ingredient? Transform it into fried rice for a tasty lunch, or rice pudding for dessert.

Various fruits, leafy greens, or fresh herbs? Blend them up together into a smoothie. (Pro tip: ginger and honey can brighten up any mismatch smoothie.)

When Wendy’s first opened its doors in 1969, the menu was nearly the same as other hamburger joints, besides one outlier: chili. To turn would-be food waste into a small profit, Wendy’s transformed their cooked but less-than-desirable leftover burger meat into chili. In fact, the practice is still alive today.

So, take it from Wendy’s: save a few bucks and reduce your food waste by turning your leftovers into chili. Or stew. Or casserole, quesadillas, stir fry, an omelet — anything! A little creativity can go a long way with leftovers.

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