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FAQ’s about Carbon CREW Project.

What is Carbon CREW Project?

CREW is a simple system that provides a blueprint to assist people in reducing their carbon footprint by creating Personal Climate Action Plans (PCAPs).  CREW’s mission is to empower people to reverse global warming and build a regenerative future. By participating in CREW, we become part of a movement to spark the exponential transformation needed for a flourishing planet now.

What does CREW stand for?

CREW stands for Carbon Reduction for Earth Wellbeing.  The acronym is also a double entendre, because as we act to reduce the greenhouse gasses resulting from our own households, we are also joining with others (a crew!) to create the exponential momentum needed to support real change.

How do I get involved with CREW?

Carbon CREW Project has a website and an app that makes participation a snap.  Just go to and follow the prompts. There are three different ways to be a CREW member:  as part of a group that meets for five sessions, as an individual who completes the sessions on your own, or as a student who is fulfilling a need for community service hours. 

What exactly do you do as part of CREW?

Carbon CREW project uses the book 2040:  A Handbook for the Regeneration as the basis for learning, discussion and deciding on actions, along with additional videos and other resources.  During each of five sessions, you think about how you can change your habits to reduce your own carbon profile and write this plan down in your PCAP.  This can be done in a group, which offers the added bonus of lively discussion and communal support, or as an individual using the workbook available through the app.  Student volunteers can participate with their families or with a school sustainability club.  Whichever path you choose, it’s free and very easy!

What exactly is a PCAP?

PCAP stands for Personal Climate Action Plan.  As you learn about different factors in climate change (Energy, Transportation, Consumption, etc.), you commit to the changes that you will make over the next five years.  By writing these ideas down and making a realistic assessment of how much and when you will accomplish things, you have a blueprint that will lead you to a successful reduction of carbon emissions.

Where do the ideas for actions in the PCAP come from? 

Both the book 2040 and the CREW “punch list” of suggestions for PCAPs are taken from the research done by Drawdown – “The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming”.  The Drawdown project was developed by Paul Hawken to identify and prioritize all dynamic, innovative solutions available that will “draw down” carbon in order to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. The book Drawdown was published in 2017, but the project continues to update and revise the list of solutions on the website  By consulting this list and being attentive to the priority level of an action, we can be sure to choose solutions with the greatest potential for reducing emissions.

How do you know that a PCAP works?

When you start CREW, you measure your current carbon footprint using a very simple evaluation tool called “Earth Overshoot Day.”  When you have finished your PCAP, after the final session, you measure your footprint again, using the new values that your PCAP will bring.  Most people reduce their overshoot day by at least 4 months.  It is so encouraging to see how effective using a PCAP can be!

 How will joining CREW benefit me?

Have you felt overwhelmed and worried about the effects of climate change?  Do you sense that you should be doing something, but don’t know how to start?  Are you already aware of climate challenges but feel like your efforts are going nowhere?  CREW provides a way for you to be part of the solution!  You will be supported, inspired and encouraged as you make a plan to reduce greenhouse gasses by 50% by 2030. 

 Why do you think individuals can do anything about climate change?  Isn’t this something that government and big business have to deal with?

The U.N. Environment Programme and several other studies have reported that at least 2/3 of greenhouse gases result from personal household choices.  This means that everything we eat, wear, drive, buy, throw away, and even talk about has an effect on worldwide climate change.  While governments and corporations also need to make changes in laws and practices, each of us has great influence through our everyday actions. The social scientist Erica Chenowith has demonstrated that it only takes 3.5% of a population to create the momentum for significant change.  By taking action with CREW, and spreading the word to others, we can make a difference.

Where can I find more information about Carbon CREW Project?

Just go to the website!  Easy steps are outlined so that you can choose the best path to action.  Also, there are many resources, helpful suggestions and inspiration.

Do you offer a student volunteer program?
Yes, students can earn service hours by hosting and participating in CREW. Download our app to learn more. You can also join one of our weekly  student volunteer information calls. Book a Student Volunteer  call

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