Frequently Asked Questions

What does CREW stand for?
CREW stands for Carbon Reduction for Earth Wellbeing. It also signals how the participants work together and support each other in finding solutions for reducing greenhouse gases.

How much time will I have to spend on CREW?
​The sessions for the CREW project take place during five weekly meetings over the course 29 days. Each session is 80 minutes and the preparation for the session may take two hours. At the end, participants have created their personal carbon action plans (PCAPs) and have a plan for how they can replicate a new CREW. They will have buddies for accountability and support.

Is there a lot of “homeplay” while participating in the sessions?
Each session requires having read two short chapters from the book 2040. These prompt us to think about what we can do to reduce consumption, change habits, and practice new ways that will lead to a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030. From that, PCAPs are developed. Telling others about one’s activities is also part of ‘homeplay’. Other powerful educational material, like movies and podcasts are also suggested.

How do we know that we are accomplishing anything?
The CREW project asks participants to calculate their “Earth Overshoot Day” at the beginning of the sessions and then again at the end, taking into account all the new practices that have been committed to. The difference is inspiring! Additionally, by keeping tabs with a buddy, each participant has built in accountability to keep on track. You will share your target dates for new practices and report on how you are doing.

How does one group of people make a difference?
Your one group will grow exponentially because each participant is asked to start another group. From an initial group of six, for example, there will be six groups of six (or more) the next month, making 36. By the next iteration, there are 216 people involved, and then over a thousand at the next. This kind of growth will really make a difference! (see our document “Strategies for Speed and Success” for more)

What do I say to someone who thinks Climate Change is not a threat?
Carbon CREW Project is only trying to reach the “early adopter” category of people who already acknowledge that climate change is real and are ready to act. Be polite, but do not waste time trying to convince people about the validity of the climate crisis – instead, concentrate on getting those who know the situation is dire to take personal responsibility by joining CREW.

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