Session Two Guide

As Guides, there is no need to be perfect. Feel free to meet circumstances that arise as you see fit. Our task is to draw out the love of our planet and all life, while supporting our team’s aspirations, hopes, dreams and wisdom for reversing climate change. Thank you for your efforts on our climate journeys!

Session Two Guide
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Checklist for CREW’s Prep for Session 2: Energy and Transport

• “10 minutes of talking for the Earth!”– Who did you tell or tweet?
• Read chapters on Energy and Transport in 2040 Handbook (pages 34-93). Note your favorite statistic, quote or idea (note page #).
• Read article from RMI: Five Steps to Electrify Your Home: From Heat Pumps to Solar Panels and Induction Stoves.
• Make your 5-year PCAP for Energy and Transportation based on the chapter. Check out our punch list for ideas!
• 24 hours before gathering, post your PCAP to group email. Read other CREW members’ PCAPs and note references to share.
• For fabulous bonus material, go to the Resources page.

Session 2 Instructions

Energy and Transport

1. Push the Record button.

2. Guide opens with a reading. Pick one from the Poems and Quotes or use “We are not asked …to believe in a perfect world. We are asked to equip ourselves with courage, hope, and readiness for hard work, and to cherish large and generous ideals.” -Emily Balch, Nobel Peace Prize winner.

3. Begin all sessions sharing aloud our mission, vision, and motto:
— Our Mission: Empowering people to reverse global warming.
— Our Vision: To spark the exponential transformation needed for a flourishing planet now.
— Our Motto: “One Month for the Earth.”

4. Discussion of the assigned 2040 readings
— Ask what phrase (on what page) had special meaning. Use book notes.
— Guide may highlight aspects of the material that have not been talked about.
— Ask for comments from anyone who watched the movie “2040”
— Ask: Who did you talk to this week?

5. Facilitate a discussion on what was important to you and your CREW members in your PCAP’s on the topic of “Energy and Transport.”
— Share points chosen from CREW members’ PCAPs
— Share punch list items not incorporated in any PCAP
— Explore and sign up to find clean energy providers near you! Carbon CREW Project is partnering with Yellowtin, a platform that helps renters and homeowners plan and implement their customized clean electrification journey. Be sure to share this link with your participants so they can get started on their journey and achieve their Energy PCAP goals!

6. Discuss the pivotal strategies that make the Carbon CREW Project powerful by understanding how change happens.
— TEAMS – small groups make things happen
— ACCOUNTABILITY – we report to one another, and check in regularly
— EARLY ADOPTERS – we invite only ready-for-action folks
— INDIVIDUAL DECISIONS – these decisions on the household level are responsible for two-thirds of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions
— DRAWDOWN PRIORITIES- our solutions are science-based
— VISIONARY – we build plans taking inspiration from the 2040 view of the future
— POSITIVITY – we embrace the positive; every problem is a solution in disguise
— REPLICATION – for exponential growth, members create new CREWs
— OPEN-SOURCE CURRICULUM – all materials are easily available on our website.

8. Wrap-up of Session 2
— Give assignments (from the prep checklist below) and the time of the next session.
— Invite a volunteer to bring a quote or prayer for next week. (Remember who!)
— Give schedule of emails they will receive from guides:

  • Day 1 (the day following session) email
    • Thanks to everyone
    • Send audio recordings to absent members
    • Send the Checklist Prep for Session 3 below to everyone
  • Day 5 email
    • Reminder about time of session, zoom link and PCAP posting 24 hr in advance.
    • Send Guides’ PCAPs and punch list.

9. Guide or volunteer closes with a reading.
— Pick one from the Poems and Quotes or use TED Talk by Kevin Kelly. “We have a choice about optimism, it’s not a temperament. No matter what your temperament is, you can still choose to be optimistic. Gigantic problems require gigantic optimism. We have a moral obligation to be optimistic because when we’re optimistic we can shape the future, we can become better ancestors, we can expand our reach, create things bigger than ourselves. Then we can be a realist (in aligning ourselves with this long arc of history and) embracing problems as opportunities. With optimism, we can use it as a power to … create the future that we want. This is the way.”

Checklist for CREW’s Prep for Session 3: Drawdown and Sequester (Share with CREW)

— “10 minutes of talking for the Earth!”– Who did you tell?
Read chapters on Drawdown and Sequester in 2040 Handbook (pages 94-145). Note your favorite statistic, quote or idea (note page #).
— Make your 5-year PCAP for Drawdown and Sequester based on the chapters. Check out our punch list for ideas!
— 24 hours before gathering, post your PCAP to group email. Read other CREW members’ PCAPs and note references to share.
— Bring paper and pens or crayons for an exercise we will be doing.
— Bonus: Paul Hawken’s podcast “Is plant-based meat the answer?”
— Bonus: Katharine Hayhoe’s TED Talk “Talk about it” (17 minutes).

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