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Welcome to your March CREW News!

In this month’s CREW News, you’ll find:

  • March Panel: Climate Action Planning
  • Sustainable banking & investing webinar w/ Crowdsourcing Sustainability
  • National Day of Action w/ Third Act
  • Upcoming Half Hour for the Earth sessions
  • Upcoming CREWs

March Panel: Climate Action Planning

Don’t miss our Climate Action Planning panel discussion on Thursday, March 30 at 7:45 PM, EST! We’ll be taking a deep dive into what Climate Action Planning is, where it’s happening, and why it’s working with our three experts:

Join the conversation to learn how you can begin planning and executing your Personal Climate Action Plan to do your part in reversing global warming!

Sustainable Banking & Investing Panel

Big mainstream banks are funding the climate crisis by investing your money into fossil fuel exploitation and infrastructure. If we choose to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in climate solutions, we have the power to use our money to benefit the planet.

Tune in with Crowdsourcing Sustainability this Friday, March 3 from 3:00 to 4:15 PM EST to hear from sustainable banking and investing experts about why your money matters and how you can ensure it’s working to reverse global warming. Don’t miss this important webinar!

National Day of Action

After learning all about sustainable banking with Crowdsourcing Sustainability, you’ll be ready for Third Act’s National Day of Action! On March 21, join Third Act for a National Day of Action by gathering at one of the public, nonviolent demonstrations they will be hosting across the country.

The message is simple: banks funding the climate crisis must move money out of fossil fuels, or we will move our money out of their banks. Click below to find or submit an event near you!

If you can’t attend a physical National Day of Action event, you should still consider signing Third Act’s Banking on our Future Pledge. Click the button below to sign and show your support for climate-friendly banking!

“If Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, and Wells Fargo are still funding climate-destroying fossil fuel projects in March 2023, I pledge to close my account and cut up my credit card. If I don’t bank at these institutions now, I pledge I won’t do so in the future.”

Half Hour for the Earth

Want to learn more ways you can reduce your footprint and live a more regenerative lifestyle? Give a Half Hour for the Earth with the Carbon CREW Project!

Sign up for one of these virtual, interactive sessions by clicking the button below!

Upcoming CREWs

Take the next step in your sustainability journey by signing up for one of our upcoming CREWs! Become part of a caring, supportive community of climate-conscious individuals by clicking on one of the sessions below.

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