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I’d bet that there’s a lot more going on in your backyard than you know about!

Next time you get the urge to do something fun or interesting, hold off on traveling far from home and look around: are there places nearby that you don’t even know about?

I’ve found some of my favorite trails, shops, and places to just spend an afternoon while making an adventure out of exploring my hometown.

There’s a number of apps and sites you can use to help you find what’s going on in your area:

  • Try searching “Museums,” “Art Galleries,” “Antique Stores,” or whatever you’re looking to do into Google Maps. I’m always surprised when I find nearby shops I’ve never heard!
  • Facebook Events is littered with events like live music, tours, festivals, really anything you can imagine. Eventbrite is similar to Facebook Events, but both are worth a scroll.
  • My personal favorite: AllTrails. This app has maps for over 400,000 trails worldwide, so it’s a great tool for connecting to local land both when traveling and within your hometown. I’ve found some of my favorite places through AllTrails just 20 minutes from home that I had never even heard of before!

So do something different this coming weekend and explore your own backyard! Happy Adventuring!