Session Four Guide

As Guides, our task is to draw out the love of our planet and all life, while supporting our team’s aspirations, hopes, dreams and wisdom for reversing climate change. Thank you for your efforts on our climate journey!

Session Four Guide
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Checklist for CREW’s Prep for Session 4: (Remember: Share with CREW members):

• “10 minutes of talking for the Earth!”– 5 minutes on Climate Action Now app + 5 minutes talking with your contacts. (Don’t forget you can “talk” on social media, too!) Who did you tell or tweet?
• Read chapters, noting your favorite statistic, quote or idea (and page #) on Consumption and Getting to 2040 (pages 146-217).
• Make your 5-year PCAP for Drawdown and Sequester based on the chapters. Visit the punch list for ideas and inspiration!
• 24 hours before gathering, post your PCAP to group email. Read other CREW members’ PCAPs and note references to share.
• Brainstorm where you could give a talk about Carbon CREW to recruit members.
Bonus: Watch Erica Chenoweth TED Talk “3.5% Rule” (17 minutes).
Bonus: Watch “The Story of Plastic,” an animated short (4 minutes).

Session 4 Instructions

Consumption and Getting to 2040

1. Push the Record button.

2. Guide opens with a reading. Pick one from the Poems and Quotes and read aloud.

3. Begin all sessions sharing aloud our mission, vision, and motto:
— Our Mission: Empowering people to reverse global warming.
— Our Vision: To spark the exponential transformation needed for a flourishing planet now.
— Our Motto: “One Month for the Earth.”

4. Discussion of the assigned 2040 readings
— Ask what phrase (on what page) had special meaning.
— Guide may highlight aspects of the material that have not been talked about. Use book notes, Make special note of the concept of the 3.5% tipping point on pg. 193.
— Emphasize the importance of education and Empowerment of women and girls together as a DrawDown Solution.

5. Facilitate a discussion on what was important to you and your CREW members in your PCAP’s on the topic of Consumption and Getting to 2040
— Share points chosen from CREW members’ PCAPs
— Share punch list items not incorporated in any PCAP

6. Ask: Who did you talk or tweet with this week?
— Share how you communicated about Drawdown and how it was received.
— How has your experience been this week with the Climate Action Now app?

7. Ask: Who have you identified for your CREW and what groups might you speak with about CREW?

8. Ask for one person who will bring a Poem & Quote for next week.

9. Close the session with a poem or quote. May pick one from the Poems & Quote.

10. Wrap-up of Session 4
— Give assignments (from the prep checklist below) and the time of the next session.
— Invite a volunteer to bring a quote or prayer for next week.
— Give schedule of emails they will receive from guides:

  • Day 1 (the day following session) email
    • Thanks to everyone
    • Send audio recordings to absent members
    • Send the Checklist Prep for Session 3 below to everyone
  • Day 5 email
    • Reminder about time of session, zoom link and PCAP posting 24 hours in advance.
    • Send Guides’ PCAPs and punch list.

12. Guide or volunteer closes with a reading.
— Pick one from the Poems, Quotes, Prayers.

Checklist for CREW’s Prep for Session 5: Wrapping up and starting your own CREW (Share with CREW)

— “10 minutes of talking for the Earth!” – 5 minutes on Climate Action Now app + 5 minutes talking with your contacts. (Don’t forget you can “talk” on social media, too!) Who did you tell?
— Review and edit entire 5-year PCAP (Use initials not name).
— Retake the Earth Overshoot Day quiz as though you had completed your latest projected PCAP. Compare with your initial score. Write both on your PCAP.
— Read the article/invitation by Jenny Noble, Want To Get Greener? Join The CREW – 27 East.
— Make a list of who will be in your new CREW. Choose a buddy to co-guide with you. Write up an invitation for this new CREW and share with your CREW.
— Watch the movie The True Cost (host watch party if possible) 92 minutes.
— Write a few sentences that we will use as testimonials on CREW’s strengths and suggestions for improvements.
— Bring your calendar! We will discuss our accountability support strategy during our next session, choosing dates and setting them up.
Bonus: Read the article on banking from the Regeneration chapter; research Climate First Bank and ask whether your bank invests in fossil fuel projects.
Bonus: Watch Erica Chenoweth’s TED talk “3.5% Rule”(17 minutes).
Bonus: Watch The Story of Plastic, an animated short.

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