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Participate in group discussions about Transportation, Energy, Consumption, Drawdown and Carbon Neutrality.


Carbon CREW begins with You...

be the Solution and reduce your carbon footprint today.

Reframing problems as solutions.

Two-thirds of all emissions are attributed to household decisions (2020 UNEP Emissions Gap Report). Our everyday choices matter, and we have the power to inspire a sustainable and regenerative future.

Volunteer with CREW to help us reduce household emissions today.

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How it Works



Hop on an informational call with our team and learn how to volunteer with CREW and start reducing household emissions today.



After the call, gather a group of family, friends, or colleagues and meet once a week for five weeks. Following our CREW Guide, you’ll make a plan to reduce your household footprint within five years.



Continue your service by repeating the cycle and multiply your impact tenfold. Acting together, people have the power to influence government, policy, industry, banks, supply chains—you name it. So get some friends, and let’s get to work!

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Help us build a platform to reduce global emissions one CREW at a time.

Carbon CREW is open source and committed to providing resources and information to those interested in reducing their footprint for free. Our goal is a healthy, regenerative planet, and your contributions keep our organization free and available to everyone. Help us keep Carbon CREW growing!


“When I developed the 2040 project, my dream was to see groups of people and organizations take the concepts and amplify them within their own communities. To see what the Carbon Crew are doing fills me with a genuine, muscular hope. They are taking action, inspiring others and contributing to lasting and meaningful change.”
— Damon Gameau

Meet CREW Members

I love the community. I have to say that that's the most important single piece of it for me, the conversation that we all have with each other, I think enhances and accelerates our own commitments. We learn that as we multiply individuals together, we are a massive potential force for good in climate change in the same way that voters are for democracy.


...we came together to share our commitments and progress as we sought to tilt our lives and households towards less energy intensive practices. I loved being a part of this group. I loved hearing the stories of others. I also learned from decisions they had made...

Carbon CREW member

We discussed what we were doing and were challenged to think about our plan for our future, We've always been very environmentally minded, but this way we feel like we're really making progress. And we know that our overshoot day has changed in a really significant way by following this PCAP. So it's just been personally very gratifying.


It changed my life and still is…

Mary Ann Eddy

Meet The Founders

Inspired by their lifelong passion for the natural world, Darr, Jo and Sheila, decided to create an environmental “book club” that, through discussion and trial and error, turned into Carbon CREW.   Each had prior interests and accumulated skills that helped shape the project into a simple and effective method of taking action to reverse the climate crisis. The three recognized that by working together in groups to take personal responsibility for household decisions we can proceed, step by step, to restore balance to the planet.

Sheila Peiffer

I have always believed that what we do in our personal lives affects the greater society. Creating a personal climate action plan is a positive step towards mitigating climate change and making a better world.

Josephine DeVincenzi

I have to say as a former educator, every group is like, like the beginning of a new school year. It's exciting. Every session is filled with beauty and information that lifts you to a place where you feel hopeful and great about what you're doing.

Darr Reilly

We created Carbon CREW to reverse global warming by creating and participating in an action program for earth's well-being with like minded folks devoted to a healthy planet and healthy people.

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