Congratulations! You’re now a CREW guide!

Before you begin, you may want to sign up via the link provided to one of our bi-monthly orientation sessions. We also encourage you to watch the  following videos:

As a CREW guide it’s important to remember: This is your experience, and you have the opportunity to shape it the way you like. We offer references and guidance to help aid the experience which you can find in the links provided below:

Step 1: Read Reference Material

PDFS from the Syllabus
Hot Tips
Book Notes

Step Two: Schedule Your Meetings

After reviewing the information provided herein, please select a time that works for you on our google calendar! And name your CREW! Remember, once you have the desired number (4-9) of participants, please write within the description: Closed.

When signing up your CREW on the  google calendar be sure to include the following information:

  • Date & time
  • Brief description about you and your CREW!
  • Google Meet video link
  • Contact Information

Step Three: Prepare for Session One

 You will be sending information to your CREW. Look over the material below and send your new CREW a big welcome! This is your introduction to your CREW, feel free to personalize this message!

Welcome Carbon CREW!!!!

Over the course of the month and a half, there are 5 zoom sessions, 80 minutes each. We use the 2040 Handbook based on Project Drawdown as our main resource, reading it weekly chapter by chapter.

We  finish with an inspiring time and a new set of kindred friends, with a plan to reduce our personal household carbon footprint over the next 5 years. And with a plan to co-host a future CREW using our Guide’s Guide with ongoing support.

Preparation includes:

  • Buying or downloading the 2040 Handbook by Damon Gameau, reading the forward and introduction and noting several ideas to share at our first session. (It’s a very quick read).

Plan to be on video – it builds community! We start and end on time.  And if you have to miss a session, it will be recorded for you.

Below is our link for the full 5 sessions so it would be great to paste this into your calendar.


See you all on ________(date.)



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