Session Three Guide

As Guides, our task is to draw out the love of our planet and all life, while supporting our team’s aspirations, hopes, dreams and wisdom for reversing climate change. Thank you for your efforts on our climate journey!

Session Three Guide
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Pre-prep for Guiding:

• If you do not have a Treasure/Network Map already, please make one before the session so you can share it with your CREW. See notes below in section 6.

Checklist for CREW’s Prep for Session 3: Drawdown and Sequester

• “10 minutes of talking for the Earth!”– Who did you tell or tweet?
• Read chapters on Drawdown and Sequester in 2040 Handbook (pages 94-145). Note your favorite statistic, quote or idea (note page #).
• Make your 5-year PCAP for Drawdown and Sequester based on the chapters. Check out our punch list for ideas!
• 24 hours before gathering, post your PCAP to group email. Read other CREW members’ PCAPs and note references to share.
• Bring paper and pens or crayons for an exercise we will be doing.
Bonus: Charles Massey’s TED Talk “How Regenerative Farming Can Help Heal the Planet and Human Health” (17 minutes).
Bonus: Read or watch Boycott Big Meat Can Vegans, Vegetarians and Meat-Eaters Unite for Change?
Bonus: Katharine Hayhoe’s TED talk “Talk about it” (17 minutes).

Session 3 Instructions

Drawdown and Sequester

1. Push the Record button.

2. Guide opens with a reading. Pick one from the Poems and Quotes.

3. Begin all sessions sharing aloud our mission, vision, and motto:
— Our Mission: Empowering people to reverse global warming.
— Our Vision: To spark the exponential transformation needed for a flourishing planet now.
— Our Motto: “One Month for the Earth.”

4. Discussion of the assigned 2040 readings
— Ask what phrase (on what page) had special meaning.
— Guide may highlight aspects of the material that have not been talked about. Use book notes, ensure pages 112-16 are discussed (about meat consumption), Drawdown solution #3 is Plant Rich Diet.

— Three suggested supplements, show which best fits the session depending on time:

5. Facilitate a discussion on what was important to you and your CREW members in your PCAP’s on the topic of Drawdown and Sequester.
— Share points chosen from CREW members’ PCAPs
— Share punch list items not incorporated in any PCAP

6. Introduce the “Treasure/Network Map” to help build one’s own CREW
— This is a brainstorming graphic on paper illustrating categories of connections: friends, family, acquaintances, organizations, clubs, libraries, sports teams, musical groups, religious groups, neighbors. Share screen with your own treasure map (example).
—  Choose a map format – whatever takes your fancy and helps you visualize your network. A spider web? A sunburst? A boat sailing through the seas?

7. Talk about ‘apps’ that can help spread the word about climate.
— Show just the first 10 minutes of the video (20 min) about Climate Action Now. Climate Action Now emphasizes policy.

  • “While CREW is about the power of early adopters’ personal choices and that
    talking about it compels change, we also want to include a powerful action that is available to all, regardless of income or household situation.”

8. Ask: Who did you talk/tweet with this week about Drawdown or your PCAP? How was it received?

9. Optional: discussion of Katharine Hayhoe’s content from her TED Talk.

10. Wrap-up of Session 3
— Give assignments (from the prep checklist below) and the time of the next session.
— Invite a volunteer to bring a quote for next week. (Remember who!)
— Give schedule of emails they will receive from guides:

  • Day 1 (the day following session) email
    • Thanks to everyone
    • Send audio recordings to absent members
    • Send the Checklist Prep for Session 3 below to everyone
  • Day 5 email
    • Reminder about time of session, zoom link and PCAP posting 24 hours in advance.
    • Send Guides’ PCAPs and punch list.

11. Guide or volunteer closes with a reading.
— Pick one from the Poems and Quotes or use this quote by John Burroughs in Studies in Nature and Literature (1917):

“The lesson which life constantly repeats is to ‘look under your feet.’
You are always nearer to the divine and the true sources of your power than you think. The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive.
The great opportunity is where you are.
Do not despise your own place and hour.
Every place is under the stars.
Every place is the center of the world.”

Checklist for CREW’s Prep for Session 4: Consumption and Getting to 2040 (Share with CREW)

— “10 minutes of talking for the Earth!” – 5 minutes on Climate Action Now app + 5 minutes talking with your contacts. (Don’t forget you can “talk” on social media, too!) Who did you tell?
— Read chapters on Consumption and Getting to 2040 in 2040 Handbook (pages 146-217). Note your favorite statistic, quote or idea (note page #).
— Make your 5-year PCAP based on the chapters you read. Check out the punch list for ideas!
— 24 hours before gathering, post your PCAP to group email. Read other
CREW members’ PCAPs and note references to share.
— Brainstorm where you could give a talk about Carbon CREW to recruit members.
— Bonus: Watch Erica Chenoweth’s TED talk “3.5% Rule”(17 minutes).
— Bonus: Watch The Story of Plastic, an animated short.

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