Session One Guide

Hello and welcome to the Carbon CREW Community! This is your Guide’s Guide—the first step to hosting your CREW and assisting them in reducing their ecological footprint by 50% in 5 years. We hope that you will find everything you need. This document walks you through the 2040 Handbook, bringing Damon Gameau’s words and ideas into action and life.

As Guides, our task is to draw out the love of our planet and all life, while supporting our team’s aspirations, hopes, dreams and wisdom. Thank you for your efforts on our climate journey.

If you are new to CREW hosting, here are suggested background materials:

Session One Guide
PDF File

• 2040 movie – 92 min
• The first hour of Paul Hawken speech – 58 min
TEDTalk by Erica Chenoweth to explain tipping point possibilities – 17 min
• Article about the huge role of household decisions It Starts At Home? – 5 minute perusal

Pre-prep for Guiding:

• It’s recommended that CREWs have co-hosts, so consider inviting someone to host with you! Decide what meeting platform you will use (Zoom or GoogleMeet) and learn how to record sessions. You can also choose to record on a Smartphone or other device. Plan to send absent members the audio, not necessarily the whole video.
• Send out invitations with time/dates, an introduction to you and your co-host(s), the preparation checklist and the link to the meeting. There are some sample invitations in the Resources.
• Remember that engaging your participants in discussion means making space for them to speak out. When we sit with silence, we invite others to participate. Make an active effort to sit with silence sometimes and refrain from dominating the conversation.

Checklist for CREW’s Prep for Session 1:

• Download Zoom or GoogleMeet
• Buy the 2040 Handbook. (quick read!) Read the Foreword and Introduction.
• Select a word or phrase (and page #) from the reading that you want to discuss.
• Take the CNN quiz
• Using Earth Overshoot Day calculate your carbon footprint. Save the date in your files.
• All 80 minute sessions begin and end on time. Please join early to turn on your video.
• Be prepared to come to the meeting with “video on” to build community.
• Optional: Watch the first 58 minutes of Paul Hawken. Forward to friends.

Session 1 Instructions

Foreword and Introduction

1. Push the Record button. Make sure you record the session for those who may not be able to attend.

2. Guide opens with a reading. Pick one from the Poems and Quotes or use “The future can’t be predicted but it can be envisioned and brought lovingly into being.” Donella Meadows (opening quote in 2040 Handbook)

3. Begin all sessions sharing aloud our mission, vision, and motto:
— Our Mission: Empowering people to reverse global warming.
— Our Vision: To spark the exponential transformation needed for a flourishing planet now.
— Our Motto: “One Month for the Earth.”

4. Introductions:
— Where are you from? What is your vocation?
— Why do you want to reduce greenhouse gasses? (No more than 2 sentences): This may be a good place to mention that timeliness is important, and you will raise your hand as a friendly request for them to wrap it up.

5. Show the Introduction to Carbon CREW Project Slide Show (live using footnotes)

6. Discussion of the Earth Overshoot Day concept
— Overshoot Day is the date when the demand for ecological goods and services (food, energy, consumption habits, etc.) depletes the Earth’s ability to regenerate in that year. In 2022, the global Overshoot Day was July 28. The US Overshoot Day was March 13.
— By calculating your personal overshoot day at the beginning of your CREW and again at the end as if your PCAP was fully completed, you will obtain a rough estimate of how your planned lifestyle changes will reduce your global footprint, and, in effect, help save the planet!

7. Discussion of the 2040 readings
— Ask which phrase (on what page) had special meaning. Guide may use the book notations to add any important points to the conversation that did not get highlighted by team members.
—  Be sure to highlight on p. 6 & 7, Paul Hawken’s comment “2040 is a vista into a remarkable future wherein imaginative and practical solutions to global warming are not penance but promise, not obligations but opportunities, not inhibition but innovation.”
—  Follow-up discussion: how do you feel about reframing problems as solutions?
What examples of this do you recognize for you personally? (For example, eating more vegetables might make you healthier, or riding a bike might reveal the landscape.)

8. Review the PCAP planning process – Preface with acknowledgement that we each come from different backgrounds, levels of experience, financial resources, and history of environmentalism. But we are all in the same boat, taking our own next steps.
— Read one or two chapters each week. Based on that reading, create a 5-year personal climate action plan (PCAP). PCAP Examples.
— Send PCAPs to fellow group members 24 hours in advance of next meeting.
— Read other CREW members PCAPs. Note references to share with them.
— Don’t forget to talk about CREW with others and be prepared to share the results at next session.
— The web site has many resources available, including the session guides, the FAQ’s, the Strategies for Speed and Success, and Resources to go with each session.

9. Optional: Discuss reactions to the CNN quiz, emphasizing that the goal was to spark curiosity and provide a baseline of each person’s knowledge of which solutions are the most effective.

10. Wrap-up of Session 1
— Give assignments (from the prep checklist below) and the time of the next session.
— Invite a volunteer to bring a quote or prayer for next week. (Remember who!)
— Give schedule of emails they will receive from guides:

  • Day 1 (the day following session) email
    • Thanks to everyone
    • Send audio recordings to absent members
    • Send the Checklist Prep for Session 2 below to everyone
  • Day 5 email
    • Reminder about time of session, zoom link and PCAP posting 24 hr in advance.
    • Send Guides’ PCAPs and punch list.

11. Guide or volunteer closes with a reading.
— Pick one from the Poems and Quotes or use last paragraph of Paul Hawken’s book “Regeneration,” page 255.

Checklist for CREW’s Prep for Session 2: Energy and Transport

— “10 minutes of talking for the Earth!”– Who did you tell?
— Read chapters on Energy and Transport in 2040 Handbook (pages 34-93). Note your favorite statistic, quote or idea (note page #).
— Read article from RMI: Five Steps to Electrify Your Home: From Heat Pumps to Solar Panels and Induction Stoves.
— Make your 5-year PCAP for Energy and Transportation based on the chapter. Check out our punch list for ideas!
— 24 hours before gathering, post your PCAP to group email. Read other CREW members’ PCAPs and note references to share.
— Bring paper and pens or crayons for an exercise we will be doing.
— For fabulous bonus material, go to the Resources page.

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