Session Five Guide

As Guides, our task is to draw out the love of our planet and all life, while supporting our team’s aspirations, hopes, dreams and wisdom for reversing climate change. Thank you for your efforts on our climate journey!

Session Five Guide
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Checklist for CREW’s Prep for Session 5: (Remember: Share with CREW members):

• “10 minutes of talking for the Earth!”– 5 minutes on Climate Action Now app + 5 minutes talking with your contacts. (Don’t forget you can “talk” on social media, too!) Whom did you tell?
• Review and edit entire 5-year PCAP (Use initials not name).
• Retake the Earth Overshoot Day quiz as though you had completed your latest projected PCAP. Compare with your initial score. Write both on your PCAP.
• Read the article/invitation by Jenny Noble, Want To Get Greener? Join The CREW – 27 East.
• Make a list of who will be in your new CREW. Choose a buddy to co-guide with you. Write up an invitation for this new CREW and share with your CREW.
• Watch the movie The True Cost (host watch party if possible) 92 minutes.
• Write a few sentences that we will use as testimonials on CREW’s strengths and suggestions for improvements.
• Bring your calendar! We will discuss our accountability support strategy during our next session, choosing dates and setting them up.
• Bonus: Read the article on banking from the Regeneration chapter; research Climate First Bank and ask whether your bank invests in fossil fuel projects.

Session 5 Instructions

Wrapping up and starting your own CREW

1. Push the Record button.

2. Guide opens with a reading. Pick one from the Poems and Quotes or use:

    “We need to believe in ourselves as co-creators. We need to understand that we have the right, the privileges and the duty to create the future. So, if we focus on the fear and lack and ‘oh my God, it’s all falling apart!’ we are not going to get very far. But if we say, ‘oh wow, it’s falling apart and here are the resources for creating a better future,’ this is how nature works, it comes alive in an extension. It’s not that we don’t have compassion for the people that are suffering, it’s that we need to be the role models for how you get through that suffering in positive ways – by co-creating the future you want to live. (Find) like minded people to do that with and the way you’ll find them is to do something that makes your heart sing.” Elisabet Sathouris, co-author of EarthDance: Living Systems in Education.

3. Begin all sessions sharing aloud our mission, vision, and motto:
— Our Mission: Empowering people to reverse global warming.
— Our Vision: To spark the exponential transformation needed for a flourishing planet now.
— Our Motto: “One Month for the Earth.”

4. Earth Overshoot Day: Ask CREW members to discuss the results of the first time they took the test and compare it to their current result. On the top of your PCAP please note the initial Overshoot Day result (before) and the final Overshoot day (after) based on completing the 5-year PCAP.

5. Ask: Having seen your CREWmates’ PCAPs, do you have comments?

6. Ask participants to share their plans for starting their own CREW. Who is in it and when it will start?

7. Ask: what you hope to have within your PCAP by the one-month check-in.

8. Ask CREW members to discuss what accountability support strategies they need to follow through on their PCAPs:
— Would it help you to have a CREW buddy for 1, 2 or 3 week check-ins? (if-so, decide how to choose them).
— Schedule monthly group check-ins where the CREW reports on their progress and states what portions of the PCAP they plan to accomplish before the next check-in. Decide the date and time. CREW suggests monthly or every 6 weeks for the first 9 months, then every 3 months for the next year.

9. Ask: How are you progressing with starting your own CREW?
— What is your timeline? Who is in your CREW? Have you selected a buddy as co-host? Share invitations that have been written. Shoot for seven + people.
— Building your own CREW and flushing out prospective people can be fun. If it is truly not for you, consider asking your current co-hosts to assist you as co-host. Or having your co-hosts begin a CREW with your assistance.
— We encourage all CREWs to be hosted by two Guides.

10. Discuss what each person did for ”10 minutes talking for the earth”:
— With friends and family.
— On social media.
— On the Climate Action Now app.

11. Show a clip on Environmental Voter Project (20 minutes) and discuss.

12. Collect the testimonials (20 minutes) that members made about the CREWs.

13. Discuss the movie “The True Cost”.

14. Take a group picture or zoom screenshot and send to

15. Review preparation for Check In.

16. Close the session with volunteer reading or use these quotes:
— “Please don’t walk in front of me, I may not be able to follow; please don’t walk behind me, I may not be able to lead; just walk beside me and be my friend.” Eddie Kaju – 99 year-old Auschwitz survivor – says this is a saying.
— “Whatever you are meant to do, do it now, The conditions are always impossible.” – Doris Lessing.

Prep for Check-In:

— Follow through on your PCAP: complete and report it by the CREW Check-in date.
— Consider Environmental Voter Project sign up or donation.
— Reading: Philanthropy Must Declare a Climate Emergency 8 minutes.
— Think about divestment from fossil fuel assets. Are you invested yourself? Can you encourage a relative, friend or college or other organization to divest? Consider Portfolio Investing for Climate Change.
— Banking and credit/debit cards. Consider Climate First Bank and/or a credit card with Aspiration (see page 233 in Regeneration book).
— Offsets to Onsets – read the essay in Regeneration book.

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