Join our community of like-minded people reducing their ecological footprint.

Carbon CREW (Carbon Reduction for Earth Wellbeing) is a 5-session gathering (virtual or in-person) where climate concerned participants use Damon Gameau’s 2040 Handbook as a springboard for discussing various climate issues and counter actions to offset them.  Other readings and movies are interspersed for more depth and greater awareness!

During each session, CREW members imagine and discuss their vision for a brighter future and plan out the steps we can take to get there.

There are three ways to CREW. By Hosting a CREW, by Volunteering as a student, or by doing it on your own.

Our App will guide you to find the CREW that’s right for you.

  1. Download the App: Kick off your climate journey by downloading the CREW app, your toolkit for leading a book club on a mission. You’re not just reading; you’re rallying a crew to explore Damon Gameau’s “2040” together. It’s straightforward yet deeply impactful.
  2. Assemble & Absorb: Choose your platform—Zoom for virtual meet-ups or in-person for face-to-face engagement. Gather your crew of 3-10 members, share the CREW app, and give everyone a week or two to get and go through “2040.” Prep is key to unlocking meaningful discussions.
  3. Engage & Empower: With the app as your guide, work through five sessions, diving deep into “2040.” It’s more than a book club; it’s a launchpad for personal and collective action. Each member finishes with a Personal Climate Action Plan, ready to make real-world impact.

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We can’t address climate change if we don’t TALK about it!

That’s why CREW’s first goal is to get people to TALK, TALK, TALK! To friends, family, and even total strangers about how the climate crisis is NOT an insurmountable issue. CREW is an opportunity to plan for a better future by creating and implementing a personalized climate action plan (PCAP). Group conversations inform, inspire, and empower us to live a regenerative lifestyle. Community support and accountability make forming and sticking with a climate action plan a reality.

Action Plans

Taking action in your own life is the most effective way to build momentum for larger systemic change.

That’s why the second goal of CREW is to get more people creating Personal Climate Action Plans. PCAPs are detailed, structured frameworks for measuring, planning and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and facilitating drawdown. They are an opportunity to rewrite the narrative, assess an impact, prioritize, and take real, meaningful, tangible action. Each week, you will come prepared to your CREW session having read the assigned 2040 chapters and designed your PCAP sections corresponding to those chapters.

CREW Guides

Carbon CREW is dedicated to providing readily available open-source material so that anyone can form a new CREW. CREW Guides bring people together to engage in action through gentle encouragement and example, suggesting resources, and helping participants find solutions that work for them. While some direction by the guide is needed for timing and reminders about preparation, we are driven by a Peer-to-Peer guiding structure; everyone in a CREW has the opportunity to both lead and learn from one another, discovering new ways each of us can commit to meaningful climate action.