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Before you begin, we encourage you to watch the  following videos:

Afterwards, find a CREW that matches your lifestyle and schedule on our google calendar!

Find your CREW

CREW meetings are listed in the calendar below.  Here are a few helpful hints for finding the perfect CREW:

  • Look for Session One meetings to ensure you are joining at the beginning of the CREW.
  • CREWs are typically 4-9 of participants.  Once the CREW is full the description will say: Closed.
  • Each event includes a description of the CREW and it’s leader. Use this information to find the CREW that best fits you.
  • Found a crew?? Don’t forget to reach out to the CREW guide and let them know you’d like to join. CREW guide contact information should be listed in  the description of each event.
  • Check back frequently, new CREWs are added all the time!
  • If you don’t see an available CREW for you consider creating your own here!
We provide CREW guides full support and material to help guides navigate their own journey. Whether you’re a CREW guide or a CREW member, the end result is the same, reducing our carbon footprint by 50% in 5 years.

Reference Material

Our CREW guides will provide and orientate you to all our materials. If you are ready to jump in now feel free to browse the links below and get a jump start!

PDFS from the Syllabus
Hot Tips
Book Notes

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