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We waste 40% of our food by sending it to landfills where it becomes methane. Methane is a huge climate polluter: 8% of our GHG emissions — three times that of aviation! Reducing food waste is Project Drawdown’s #3 solution and composting is #78. The UN Pathway to Zero Emissions outlines that we must reduce our food waste by 50% by 2030.  

While it’s most important to reduce our food waste at the source by not overbuying, eating everything we buy, always finishing leftovers, and getting creative with food scraps, diverting organic waste from the landfill is a crucial climate solution, benefiting both our atmosphere and our soils!

CREW graduate Mary Morgan of Orient, NY is striving for zero landfilled food scraps, and zero methane emissions. She is volunteering with the Long Island Organics Council to launch a pilot program for households on the East End. Dubbed the East End Countertop Recycler Pilot, it is part of a regional effort by LIOC to encourage composting and to divert food scraps from town waste streams. Reduce your organic waste by 90% by converting it into an enriching soil amendment! Residents of the five East End of Long Island towns can participate in this pilot and:

  • Lower your carbon footprint.
  • Turn your green scraps into soil gold.
  • Provide community data for our towns.
  • Save with our pilot discount.

Suffolk County residents can take advantage of the discounted food cycler offered by the pilot program. If you don’t live in Suffolk County and want to learn more about this countertop food cycler, check out their website!

Questions?  You can contact Mary here at: