Reversing global warming, from the bottom up!

Carbon CREW was founded in 2021 as a way to bring actionable change to the carbon crisis.

By enabling groups, or CREWS of like-minded people, we are able to motivate and encourage individuals to design and implement their own Personal Climate Action Plan (PCAP). Our mission is to reverse global warming from the bottom up by using a visionary, motivating  blueprint to permanently shift behaviors while in collaboration with like minded people. It’s an opportunity to rewrite their narrative and reduce their carbon footprint, ensuring a cleaner, greener, regenerative future.

Our CREW begins with you.

We believe in your CREW and your Personal Climate Action Plan (PCAP).

Using the synergy of a team, combined with the solutions of Paul Hawken, we are here to provide support for members to both activate their plans, and go on to create their own CREWs.

For 50 years the environmental movement has struggled with inspiring action to trigger effective systemic change.

The time for action is now. Be the solution. Create a regenerative future.

Our Founders

Sheila Peiffer

Sheila Peiffer’s professional career was in the field of religious education, where she served as a parish director, chaplain and retreat director. She also gained experience in grassroots organizing, lobbying and social justice advocacy as she held many positions in Catholic Reform groups including the international Women’s Ordination Conference (WOC) where she was Chair of the Board. She continues to represent WOC at the U.N., working for gender equity. Having always been concerned about climate change, she now devotes much of her time to guiding CREW sessions and helping the project scale.

Josephine DeVincenzi

Josephine DeVincenzi, Ed.D. is a retired educator with thirty-eight years of experience in teaching, coaching and administration. She served fourteen years as high school principal and ten years as assistant superintendent of schools. These professional duties required significant responsibility for planning, organizing, collaborating and supervising people and ideas as well as overseeing safety and health concerns. In retirement, she has returned to her life-long commitment to environmental issues.

Darr Reilly

Dorothy Reilly, M.Arch. is an environmental activist whose three primary interests are reducing global warming, health and wellness, and building community. She has organized many events including Inherit The Earth, the First New York Women’s Conference for Sustainability, and Drawdown100Women4Women. She is co-founder of both Drawdown East End and Carbon CREW Project. Her inspiration comes from Paul Hawken; climate change is happening for us and is our opportunity to come together collaboratively with creativity and build a thriving community.

Advisory Board

Michael Reibel Boesen Engineer, PhD (self-repairing hardware @ NASA JPL / TU Denmark), serial-entrepreneur (Last startup:, AI for 911s) working at the intersection of climate and technology. Now: Co-founder @ and stealth EV charging startup.

Biddle Duke is a journalist who worked as a reporter and editor for American newspapers and in Argentina and was the editor and publisher of a Vermont media company for two decades. Current;ly, he is a small-scale oyster farmer, a member of the East Hampton Town Energy and Sustainability Committee, and a contributor to The New York Times, among other publications.

Nick Flores serves as the Director of Impact Investing at Caprock, advising families and foundations that invest for environmental and social benefits alongside a market-rate financial return.

Damon Gameau is an award winning film-maker, author and passionate regenerator. He was a NSW nomination for Australian of the Year in 2020 for his film and book ‘2040’ and the regeneration movement that followed.

Bella Wright is a student at Commonwealth School in Boston, MA, and is the Junior Liaison of the Manchester Sustainability Committee with interests in social justice, including prison reform and racial equity, and politics.

Dr. Scott Carlin is an associate professor of geography at Long Island University, with expertise in urban sustainability, environmental health, climate change, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

David Beier, former Chief Domestic Policy Adviser to Vice President Al Gore, a lawyer, has worked in senior positions in federal and state government as well as the private sector – both non-profit and commercial.

Dr Dianna M Mattern is a retired school administrator at the highest levels; she currently is employed at both Harvard University as an instructor in school leadership, and at Hazard, Young and Attea as an associate in educational leadership talent placement.

Edwina Von Gal is an American born international landscape architect focusing on native plantings for sustainable design, who has created PRFCT Earth Project, 2/3s for the Birds and done reforestation projects in Panama.


Michelangelo Lieberman was a Peace Corps Volunteer who is a Long Range Env Planner, Co-chair for Southampton Village  Planning Commission and Climate Action Committee; ocean rescue swimmer, and an avid environmentalist who surfs and smells  the Rosa Rugosa.

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